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The Raging Bull has become a household name in the competitive freshwater bank angling fraternity after our very successful launch of the Raging Bull 2 a few years ago. It was favoured by top anglers for its extreme distance casting capabilities and with over 6000 units sold to very happy customers, our design team was given a challenging task by management to improve on a rod that already has an unbeatable reputation in the industry. The requirements seemed almost impossible as the rod needed to be lighter with an improved action to not only cast further, but to also confidently play fish without the constant hook pull concern. 

It took our team more than 2 years and a number of different samples to develop what we believe to be the finest competitive carp rod on the market today. Having access to the latest technology in Japanese Carbon Fibre enabled us to lighten the blank by an astonishing 50 grams, without losing any of its incredible casting power. To lighten up the rod even more, we selected heat resistant Titanium low friction line guides that were specially designed for extreme distance casting. Last but not least, we fitted a 100% Carbon Fibre machined reel seat to add even more the lightness to the rod and compliment its incredible good looks.

The Raging Bull Evolution is in a class of its own and has placed us way above any of our competitors thanks to unmatched technology, and an innovative passionate design team.

Test curve
Casting Weight
13’6 3.75lb Distance Heavy 70-150g 2 Distance carp medium to heavy weights
13’ 3.5lb Medium 55-130g 2 Medium weight casting
12’6 3.75lb Distance heavy 70-150g 2 Distance carp medium to heavy weights
12’ 3.5lb Medium 55-130g 2 Medium weight casting
10’6 3.25lb Medium 35-90g 2 Medium weight casting
10’ 3.00lb Light 30-75g 2 Close range tempo