Outlaw Bass Spinning

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The flagship range of our WAFT Bass rods, the Outlaw is constructed using the latest  Micro-Tech Armored Carbon Fibre technology resulting in the lightest, most sensitive and balanced blank we have ever produced. This state of the art Carbon Fibre not only allows you to feel everything your lure touches, the sensitivity through the blank enables you to distinguish between fish and all forms of structure including sand, gravel, rock, mud and timber. We were able to make the Outlaw rods even lighter and more responsive by strategically spacing and fitting Titanium semi micro the line guides along the blank,and lining them up perfectly with the rod's spine. These high end line guides feature titanium frames with lightweight low friction LRZ inserts that do not crack or chip like conventional ceramic guides. The proprietary Weight Management System allows you to cast further and more accurately, which in turn enables you to flick and pitch at low trajectories easily reaching areas below trees and under jetty's. The Outlaw also features Optic Sense Bite Detection Technology which incorporates the use of micro strands through out the blank to convey even the slightest vibration. A Fuji Carbon Hybrid reel seat not only adds to the lightness of the rod, but also compliments the elegant look and finish of the Outlaw. After all, life is too short to own an ugly rod. 

Lure Weight
Line Weight
Casting 6'3 1 Jerkbait 1/8 -1/4 8-15LB Moderate Medium
Casting 6'6 1 Top Water 1/8- 3/8 8-15LB Medium Fast Medium
Casting 7' 1 Weightless 1/8 – 3/8 8-15LB Medium Fast Medium
Casting 7' 1 Spinner Bait/Plastics 1/4 – 1/2 10-20LB Extra Fast Medium Heavy
Casting 7'2 1 Weightless/Plastics 1/4 -1/2 10-20LB Extra Fast Medium Heavy
Casting 7'2 1 Pitching/Frog 3/8 -1.5 14-20LB Fast Extra Heavy
Casting 7'6 1 Carolina/Swimbait 1/3 – 1/1 10-20LB Extra Fast Heavy
Casting 7'6 1 Pitching 1/2 -4/4 14-20LB Extra Heavy Medium Fast
Casting 7'10 1 Pitching 1/2 -1.5 12-20LB Heavy Fast
Casting 7'10 1 Heavy Cover Pitching 1/2 – 2/0 14-20LB Extra Heavy Medium Fast
Spinning 6'3 1 Jerkbait 1/8 -1/4 6-12LB Moderate Medium
Spinning 6'10 1 Drop Shot/Ned Rig 1/8 -1/4 4-10LB Moderate Medium Light
Spinning 7 1 Drop Shot/Ned Rig 3/16 – 9/8 4-10LB Medium Fast Medium Light
Spinning 7 1 Plastics 3/16 – 5/8 8-14LB Fast Medium Heavy