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We originally designed this reel to compliment our range of Bullet Proof spinning surf rods, and after being on the market for quite some time we have had positive feed back from our customers that have used this reel extensively on our coastal regions. With its high strength graphite body construction and 4 stainless steel bearings, it goes without saying that this reel is not only suited for surf spinning, but for freshwater fishing as well. Tiger Fish anglers regard the smaller 3000 model as a fine all round reel for Tiger Fish and big African Bream. Even carp anglers that are not fond of free spool (bait runner) reels have found that the Bullet Proof Front Drag meets all their requirements for both bank and boat fishing.

-Stainless Steel Bearing System

-Waterproof and Smooth Low Friction Drag System

-High Strength Machined Aluminium Handle

-Precision Front Drag Cap

-Casting Optimized Oscillation

-Casting Optimized Spool  

Gear Ratio Bearings  Line Capacity
3000 4.6:1 3+1 .18mm-240m , .20mm-200m
4000 4.6:1 3+1 .20mm-240m , .25mm-200m
5000 4.6:1 3+1 .30mm-200m , .35mm-160m