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 When we first launched the Bullet Proof Carp rod 4 years ago, it didn't take long for it to become a household name among the competitive freshwater bank angling fraternity. It was originally designed with the most important requirement of all, distance. The rod had to not only compete with, or better our competitors distance casting claims, it needed to achieve this with minimal effort and no breakages. Our field testers and customers could not fault the performance of the rod, so only slight cosmetic changes were made on our new face lift models. The Bullet Proof Carp rod is constructed by using high quality carbon fibre,making it possible to achieve a combination of strength and lightness. The rods have been fitted with a quality lightweight reel seat and feature perfectly spaced low friction line guides for optimal casting distances.

Available in 9 different lengths and actions to ensure the pro competitive angler is equipped with a set of rods to meet all of his fishing requirements.

224m is the distance achieved by Johann Beukes with the Bulletproof 13ft Distance rod.

 Length Test Curve Application
Casting Weight Est Casting Distance
8 2.75lb Close Range Tempo 20-40g 60-80m
3.00lb Close Range Tempo 20-65g 60-100m
3.00lb Close Range Tempo 20-40g 60-80m
3.25lb Medium Weight Casting 20-65g 60-100m
3.25lb Light to Medium 35-75g 80-120m
3.50lb Medium Weight Casting 45-90g 90-145m
3.75lb Medium to Heavy Weight 55-110g 120-180m
3.50lb Medium Weight Casting 40-90g 100-165m
13 3.75lb Medium to Heavy Weight 55-110g 125-190m